The WACICO Team got started with & by SEO Keith D Mains who formed WACICO initially from the first letters of the words, "Writers", "Artists", "Cartoonists", "Illustrators", "Caricaturists" and "Organisation" or "Organization" as it appeared to look good to do so for oh so many reasons. SEO Expert Keith D decided to share the WACICO things with others as with the "Double T Ted's, "CATTOONS", "CARYOONS", and other WACICO Cartoons Keith thought a team to develop things would be needed.

So to further develope things for WACICO and for projects like Portraitists, WidgetTed, SEO Power Plays & the Cartoon Book whilst at the same time providing members with platforms for their own businesses to Caricaturist Artist Jon-Paul, followed by Cartoonist Richard and Cartoonist Simon became the first joint owners of the basis of WACICO. In December 2011 (Greg's Calendar) SEO Expert Keith D planned a one year take over of all the SEO related search terms needed to bring it all to bear. And we still need to build the WACICO Team further! Always will! Don't give up the day job just yet as it's all not quite ready for that just yet but if you do PHP, know WordPress and like working with Twitter Bootstrap you could still get a 3% share of two TM's!

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