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Cartoonist Jon-Paul has thus far provided a few of the Double T Ted's original cartoon teddy bear characters including RentTed & CaricaturistTed.

You can hire cartoonist Jon-Paul for Double T Ted's cartoons, for personal cartoons and commercial cartoons, as well as cartoons for advertising.

Jon-Paul's TTed Portfolios
Cartonist Portfolio 1 Cartoonist Jon-Paul on Doubletteds.com
Cartoonist Portfolio 2 Cartoonist Jon-Paul on Suffusion.co
Cartoonist Portfolio 3 Cartoonist Jon-Paul on Tted UK (soon)Cartoonist CartoonRentTed The Rent Ted is The Double T Ted's Rent Collector Ted. Rent Ted Collects the rent for space sold online. This space can includes links, banners, cartoon adverts, words in cartoon adverts and any number of other space that Rent Ted The Rent Ted Rents Out. Rent Ted is based on Ricky Gervias.