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WACICO Dec 12th 2011

Although work on the WACICO site is on hold presently  I have been having a good time with Bootstrap from Twitter which will be getting used on the EDDIE THE EGG website and as I am getting used to Twitters Bootstrap toolkit I have put both and the past couple of days or so as I wait for some artwork for the Eddie The Egg website from Jon-Paul the artist  and author of the Eddie The Egg children’s books and the owner of the website.

I think others might find the Twitter Bootstrap tool kit as useful as I did as it makes web development very easy in many ways.

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WACICO, it’s all about using the Double T Ted’s to teach the children & to make people happier, more content & better educated, whilst bringing together artists & writers.

The WACICO domain name was registered 2011-09-28 13:38:12 by Keith D Mains and is hosted by The Double T Ted’s Web Host Ted HostTed The Hosting Ted.

WACICO, Home of the World’s Most Expensive Greetings Cards! Enquire here for the very best in hand crafted exclusive greetings cards.

WACICO is an acronym of “Writers, Artists, Cartoonists, Illustrators, Caricaturists Organisation” (as it is in British Standard English) or Organization (as it is in American Standard English).

The WACICO site and name is an original idea by Keith D brought to life in order to bring together a number of artists for the Reg TM Double T Ted’s cartoon teddy bear characters.

The WACICO site neared initial completion on the 3rd of October 2011 and started to list the Cartoonists and Artists involved in WACICO.

WACICO will be the Company name and will trade using the Double T Ted’s name as it’s major focus.

This WACICO blog using the trusty old WordPress platform was installed on the 30th Sept 2011 and has been themed using what we call “The World’s Best Free WordPress Theme Platform”, theme Suffusion by Sayontan Sinha over at

Artists and writers can get listed on WACICO with a one page business card portfolio page from £24 per annum with a one off listing fee of £25.

Some may think that as a new site this seems a little strange.  The thing with that though is that Keith D is very good at SEO and so the site is already in the top 20 of Google for relevant search terms less than a week after it’s inception.

We have many services available including cartoon design and production along with cartoon advertising.  We also provide various web services including web design, logo design, web development, web hosting, SEO, domain registration and of course all the services and products asociated with Teddy Bears that we will add to continuously over time.

So there you have it WACICO News on Day 6. (Update had to reinstall due to forgetting to save installation details and not setting email Doh)

The Double T Ted’s slogan is “Get Out There With The Kings Of Content”

WACICO  Domains Include the following…

TV Worlds

TV Worlds UK



Find a Cartoonist 

Hire a Cartoonist UK

Find a Cartoonist

Cartoonist Cartoonists UK

Freelance Cartoonists UK

Portraitists UK

Double T Ted’s UK

Double T Ted’s

TTed Com


TTed Co




AdvertTed UK


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Welcome to WACICO’s part of the site running on the WordPress Blogging Software using the World’s Best Free WordPress Theme Suffusion from This is the first post & has been edited as an introduction rather than deleted so we can start the WACICO  blogging & News!

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